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Creative Entertainment Unlimited, Inc. is a company designed to enhance the live entertainment aspects of venue operations. By controlling the cost of entertainment coming into the venues, CEU is able to showcase various artists and celebrities to maximize a venue’s profitability through the influx of new clientele.

CEU Inc Provides

Sound, lighting, staging, full rigging, riggers, stage covers, generators, tent covers, crew and all other necessary services for successful event production. Our staff will council buyers in avoiding potential challenges in producing shows for any situation, i.e. festivals, theme related shows, sporting events, etc. CEU assists buyers in holding cost to budget demands

Talent Buyer

  • Preparation of a talent proposal
  • Negotiate contract price
  • Submit binding offers and negotiate payment schedules
  • Review artist contracts, technical and hospitality riders
  • Liaison between artist management and contractor for marketing and promotional support from artist
  • Coordinate artist hospitality and travel
  • Prepare addendums and house riders on behalf of contractor


  • Design and layout staging, audio and lighting systems in accordance with riders and venue specifications
  • Bid audio, lighting and stage package
  • Negotiate all rental contracts
  • Hire and coordinate audio, stage and lighting staff

Venue Design

  • Design seating configuration
  • Assist in the overall venue design in order to:

    Create a comfortable and safe environment
    Minimize crowd movement
    Maximize traffic flow through vendor area
    Maximize spectators sight lines
    Minimize emergency response

Ticketing / Point of Sales

  • Design souvenir ticket
  • Assist in price structuring
  • Create a manifest according to venue design
  • Negotiate and incorporate sponsors logo to eliminate cost
  • Establish multiple points of sale
  • Negotiate an online computer ticketing system
  • Create a control system for independent ticket distribution


  • Develop a multilevel corporate sponsorship program
  • Produce cash, premiums, product trades and promotions through corporate sponsorships


  • Secure a comprehensive event insurance package including liability, crowd, workers comp, and weather


  • Establish trade deals with radio by offering exclusivity according to demographics, using ticket giveaways, on-air interviews and remote broadcasting the day of the event


  • Assist and coordinate with your security chief, contracted security group and local police to insure a safe event for artist, crew and spectators
  • Establish a multilevel access pass system

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